A nice ride with Kayla Synz

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beC7f1dKayla Synz is a flight attendant. She’s the type of pornstar that needs cock as often as she can get it. After a hard day at work, Johnny comes to drive her home. She needed some cock, so his plans change a little. It would be extremely difficult to turn down Kayla Synz if she wanted sex. Especially knowing she has such a breathtaking ass. His big cock is exactly what she needed after flying all over the country. She enjoys every single inch of his rock hard cock. Too bad he can’t travel with her while she’s working.


Ava Devine

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This is Ava Devine’s lucky day. She has been horny as fuck for a long time. Her husband has been away on a business trip. One look at the plumber and Ava Devine was all over him. She wanted him to lay his pipe in her. She had some plumbing that needed worked on! His big cock was just what Ava Devine needed. It is scenes like this that should remind all husbands to fuck their wives. You never know when the plumber is going to be doing more than fixing your pipes. He might be fucking your wife!


He’s a big boy now

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bZTMnorJohnny Sins almost got his ass beat when he was telling his friend how hot his mom is. Devon Michaels broke up the fight by sending her son to the store. That’s when she asked Johnny Sins exactly how he felt about her. Once Devon Michaels heard of his lust filled thoughts, she couldn’t control herself. His big fat cock sealed the deal. She wanted to feel that huge chunk of man meat inside her pussy. Luckily they finished before her son came home from the store.


Laundry day & other pleasures

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Diana Doll played a big trick on her daughter’s boyfriend. She walked in on him while he was taking a shower. She saw his nice big cock and wanted to have some fun. One look at it and she understood why he was her daughter’s boyfriend. As you can see, Diana Doll takes no prisoners when it comes to her love of cock. It doesn’t matter if it is the guy next door or her daughter’s boyfriend. If she sees a big cock, she gets that big cock.



All she wants for Christmas is a big fat dick

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Abby Rode didn’t want anything spectacular for Christmas. All she wanted was a big fat dick. That isn’t too much to ask when you’re a super sexy pornstar. As you can see, these guys hooked her up with a big fat dick. She seems to happy to receive her Christmas gift. With each thrust of his big fat dick, she’s even more thankful for the gift. Santa has been very good to her this year!


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